Global Healing Project

Global Healing Project

gifting: giving back to mother nature

'Gifting' is the term used for the distribution of Tactical, practical Orgone field devices, (TB's and HHG's) close to areas of Negativity and high Toxicity. Marine life interference & unnatural Tidal activity have been the cause of Tsunamis and Hurricanes throughout the planet, the movement is largely focused on cleaning the seas. This term has been coined since these devices are 'Gifts' from us back to nature **Download Gifting Compendium from link on sidebar

Crystals, Minerals and Gemstones

The Crystal and Mineral kindom is a wonderous realm that transcends beyond the 3d realm, they work in frequencies , the properties inherant within them heal on a vibrational level, therefore primarily on the aura and the other subtle bodies. By combining metals and crystals within the orgone matrix, we can actually enhance the qualities they radiate, manyfold. It is important to understand they way they work, so that they cannot be tampered with, and manipulated by others who may have another agenda.

When using metals, crystals and gemstones in orgone devices, knowledge of their inherant properties is helpful in creating interactive Healing devices that can be custom made to cater for specific and general use. Whether creating whole body healing tools, or orgone devices designed to transmute negative energies or invite in positive energies, that may also serve as decorative art and energy pieces around your home. The next section will cover the information needed to give you insight into what the different minerals and gemstones can do for you and your personal space.

Before we get into the properties of minerals and crystals it is important to cover the topic of clearing and protection.

Programming and clearing Crystals

Since Crystals have the ability to be programmed by anyone, they do not discriminate between negative and positive commands, therefore they can without effort be manipulated by the Darkside, as well as the by the light.
It is important when working with crystals and having them around you, to clear them and program them only to take orders/commands from the light, ie. from you, this will make the orgonite that you create, work to it's highest capacity. When doing fieldwork, they are left open to various other forces to be programmed. this should be avoided, since it defeats it's purpose entirely.

Clearing Crystals

There are a number of ways you can clear the crystals you work with and own, they can be cleared with intent, this method would be implemented the same way you would program crystals, ie. by using the power of focus and thought.

Buring your crystals in the earth for a week or so will clear many crystals, often those that have been programmed with negative intentions, and those that hold alot of bad energies that they may have picked up, over a period of time.
Putting them out in the moonlight overnight, or sunlight during the duration of the day, will bring adequete results aswell.

Crystals can also be cleared in salt water, using rock salt, that hold negative ions, will bring the best results, you just lay them into a bowl of water with seasalt or rocksalt, and allow them to sit for a while, penduluming or dowsing will give you an indication whether they have been adequetely cleared. Use spring water for beat results.

Another method of clearing crystals involves allowing running water to flow over them, it should be either cold or luke warm, never hot. While doing this use the power of intent to clear them effectively.
If you already have orgone available, by putting your crystals near the orgonite, it will both clear the crystal and charge it.

Charging Crystals

Charging crystals adequetely involves using methods that are known work, for example, the power of the pyramid due to the mathematical calculations inherant, works very nicely, so the use of a pyramid will always give you satisfactory results.

Place the crystals a third of the way in, from the floor of the pyramid, this is the strongest known point, they should be left under overnight, and used close to the time of removing them, since as time goes by, they begin to lose their charge, and must be charged again.
Another way of charging them is by putting them in charged water, the water itself would be charged in the same kind of way, and there have been volumes written on the benefits of charged water, and the various way water can be charged.

Using orgone to charge Crystals does the same as the pyramid, placing them in a bowl that surrounds them with the orgonite energy field, will clear and charge them at the same time.
Using the orgone charging bowl, and the pyramid over it, is a method that we use to get the highest results, but any one of the above mentioned methods will achieve successful results.

The Mineral Kingdom has a consciousness, and so does Orgone.

h e r o i s m

"Strength of character in the race as in the individual consists mainly in the power of sacrificing the present to the future… the height of heroism is reached in people who renounce the pleasures of life and even life itself for the sake of keeping or winning for others, perhaps in distant ages, the blessings of freedom and truth." James Frazer

orgonize your home

orgonize your home

Kate: Cloudbusting : Tribute to Wilhelm Reich

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Any Free-Minded Human being is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information and suggestions offered here. The Views expressed here are not designed to convince anyone of anything ~ it is solely here to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path in a common pursuit for Truth, and independance over his own Sovereign Bodies.

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